All the Inspiration

Below, find my top 10 go-to Instagram accounts for whenever I'm in need of a lil inspiration bc these Instagram babes are #goals. @kayla_itsines @lovesweatfitnessGo to her youtube for some killer, fun workouts! @cristinacapron @bdawnfitCheck out her youtube for some fun vlogs and fit tips/ideas. @kelseywells @toristerling_Go to her youtube for some inspirational vlogs on …

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Summer 2017 SURP Internship Reflection

The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (aka SURP) is an internship program which permits students from all across the country to gain lab experience working as a lab tech for the summer in the lab of faculty mentors engaged in health-based research.  Many students apply to this program to add something to their resume for med …

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Summer 2017 HCHS Fellowship Reflection

The Honors College Health Sciences fellowship is a program at the University of Pittsburgh which supports undergraduates completing biomedical research for the summer.  I was fortunate enough to receive this fellowship as a continuation of my research fellowship from this past spring semester (for more on that and what my research is about, check out …

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