Feature Friday: Sam Maxey (pt 1)

Fitness: more than meets the eye As an avid promoter of all things health and fitness, I have been excited to bring my perspective and experience to yet another new audience. Who am I? My name is Samuel Maxey and I am a junior Exercise and Sports Science major at Temple University. I grew up …

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2 Week Spin Challenge

Let's just be honest right off the bat...cardio is not a fun time.  It's just not.  However, spin seems to be quite the hot trend right now so I decided to give it a shot.  Most spin studios (or class based gyms in general) have a plan for two weeks of unlimited classes for around …

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What’s that smell?

Insight into the uses of aromatherapy Evidence is building relating positive health outcomes and improved overall well-being with the use of aromatherapy.  Most research focuses on cancer, pain management and management of mental illness including anxiety or depression. Aromatherapy is a growing therapeutic technique which targets the senses and stimulates the brain in a manner …

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